20 december 2021

SLO serves as the national institute for curriculum development in the Netherlands. We are an independent, non-profit organisation, bridging the contexts of policy, research and practice. A major characteristic of the work of SLO is the interaction between various levels of curriculum development (national, school, classroom, pupil). A main challenge for SLO is the strengthening of (both longitudinal and horizontal) coherence of curricula. Our activities focus on primary, special, secondary and vocational education and comprise all subjects.

In the context of international cooperation we provide support on request to curriculum development projects in the broad educational field of primary, secondary and tertiary education. We tend to work in cooperation in which knowledge building in the field of curriculum development and educational reform is achieved, aside from our contribution to arrive at high-quality and state-of-the-art curricula. Countries and organizations seeking our assistance in developing or reforming their curriculum can trust on high-level and knowledge of curriculum development and reform processes, which we share as much as possible.

SLO’s international approach for curriculum development is based on contemporary curriculum development knowledge, systemic thinking, and collaborative approaches, on the one hand, and our view that professional development is a necessary component for effective curriculum reform, on the other. We aim at improving curricular knowledge and understanding, in order to enable local staff to perform curriculum development and reform activities, and implement these in the field of education.