SLO Mission and ambition

5 december 2023

Our contribution to the Dutch education system

All students have a right to an inspirational and well-considered education. They also have a right to an education that helps them realise their potential and prepares them for living and working in our democratic society as adult citizens. A good education requires an ongoing debate about what is worth learning. SLO brings stakeholders in the education system together to discuss the necessary content and aims of education. SLO also uses its expertise to contribute to this discussion, and to make well substantiated choices regarding the curriculum when necessary.

Our mission

One of the pillars of a good education is the curriculum. We use our knowledge and experience to contribute to a well-considered curriculum that prepares students for their future, based on developments in society and insights from the world of science. We contribute to the quality of education at the behest of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and in partnership with teachers, school leaders and other partners.

Role SLO

  • National coordination of curriculum development
  • Analysis, design, validation and evaluation of curricular frameworks and exemplary specifications
  • Scientific underpinning and international orientation of curriculum development
  • Advice to and support of the government
  • Advice to and support of the Ministry of Education and the Dutch Inspectorate of Education