CEFR-level writing skills for English, German and French: a research study into the levels attained by Dutch students in havo (senior general secondary) and vwo (pre- university) education

22 mei 2019
This research report tries to link the writing skills in English, Germand and French of students of 5th form havo and 6th form vwo to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) using a standard-setting procedure. It presents the results of the study and describes the design of the standard-setting procedure.

auteur SLO: Daniela Fasoglio, Kim de Jong
auteur extern: Beeker, A., Keuning, J., Til, A. van.
jaar van uitgave: 2015

Fasoglio, D., Beeker, A., Jong, K. de, Keuning, J., & Til, A. van (2015).

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