Quality framework for UNESCO schools

14 april 2021
International solidarity, tolerance and unity are key values for UNESCO schools. To strengthen and assure the added value of the UNESCO programmein the school, SLO and the European Platform have developed a system of quality assurance.This framework is intended to fulfil anumber of functions:• Quality assurance: to offer a guideline for (self)evaluation of the way in which the UNESCO vision is implemented in the school.• Curriculum development: to make visible the core elements of the UNESCO programme and how these can be embedded in the school curriculum and -policy.• Monitoring: to use self-evaluation to monitor progress of the development process.• Peer exchange: to offer a shared frame of reference for exchanging experiences, practices and materials with other UNESCO schools in the UNESCO schools network.

auteur SLO: Annette Thijs
auteur extern: Meershoek, S., Dieren, S. van, Arkesteijn, E., Velde, J. van der
jaar van uitgave: 2011

Thijs, A., Velde, J. van der, Meershoek, S., Dieren, S. van, & Arkesteijn, E. (2011). Quality framework for UNESCO schools. Enschede: SLO.