Educational design research part A

Part A: An introduction
23 september 2020

This revised edition of Educational design research presents the proceedings of a seminar on educational design research organized from November 23-26, 2007, at the East China Normal University in Shanghai (PR China). The chapters are based on the presentations and the small group discussions during this seminar. Although the book does not provide a ‘how to guide’ for designing and conducting design research, the chapters have been written to reflect both the conceptual underpinning and practical aspects of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of doing design research. They also present an insight in the specifics of design research in relation to curriculum and instructional technology.

auteur extern: Akker, J. van den, Bannan, B., Kelly, A. E., Nieveen, N., Plomp, T.
jaar van uitgave: 2013

Akker, J. van den, Bannan, B., Kelly, A.E., Nieveen, N., & Plomp, T. 2013). Educational Design Research: Part A: An introduction. Enschede: SLO.